This publication in the BELLE-SANTÉ magazine enabled the dissemination of the start of the Amytis® techniques in order to become known by landscape professionals and readers of the magazine in France.

Article written by the famous journalist and professor of aerobics gymnastics and Yoga, Davina Delor. And if all of a sudden a garden grew on the walls …

In the Universe of cities invaded by concrete, it is becoming rarer and rarer to live surrounded by plants. Overpopulation, consumerism, make nature retreat. But what madness makes us destroy in such a way our vital privileges, sources of happiness and health?

Aware of the bad role played by a negligent concern, some audacious individuals that are more informed or simply more responsible have begun to work since that time on giving back to the world the corner of paradise necessary for its equilibrium.

In this article, Davina Delor presents and describes the health and psychic advantages of the innovative vertical garden system created by José Dos Santos which allows urban centres to be coated with its green mantle.