The publication of the book "Building with glass and creating a green environment, sustainable innovations for the home and for the workplace", published in English and French, allowed us to confirm our presence among internationally recognized architects. The authors of this book dedicated it to the construction of glass buildings, translucid buildings. They are mainly German and Dutch architects concerned about integrating nature in buildings.

Building with glass and creating a green environment. Sustainable innovations for the home and the workplace. Green walls: plant world attempts to recover its ‘position’ once again. There are increasingly more people concerned about the environment, which has led to an enormous increase in the number of outdoor green walls.

The Modulogreen® system respects the natural conditions of development of plants providing water, nutrients and sufficient natural light. In the modular system the roots are isolated from the supporting wall. Vertical gardens offer a lot of advantages, such as protecting the wall from erosion over time, against the wind and the rain and acting as a thermal insulator in winter. In summer, they cool the house - thanks to the shade of the plants -, filter air particles and act as acoustic insulation.

In addition to a decorative or aesthetic function, they serve as a separating or dividing element indoors. Moreover, the components of the Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions concept are all reusable and recyclable.