Made from reinforced polypropylene with fiberglass, the modules are remarkably resistant to temperature fluctuations and root pressure.h2>


Created to meet the needs of architects and limitless imagination, a new concept of revegetation is now available.

The Modulogreen® vertical solutions system permits the creation of green columns according to the same method as the traditional system of the brand.

Like a science fiction film, the result is truly amazing! See for yourself.


Specifically designed by our design team to adapt to the new revegetation system, the structure is industrially manufactured from aluminium to support the system, although remaining relatively light.

A stainless steel plate, at the base of the structure, enables the load of the column to be distributed over the ground.
The assembly of the different elements is easy. Stainless steel screws are used to affix them.


In addition to the circular form of the module, the material used, the principle of operation and the application system remain identical to the “traditional” modules of the Modulogreen® Vertical Solutions system.

Dimension: ¼ of a round module. Interior diameter of the module: 700 mm. Exterior diameter of the module: 1020 mm (not considering the volume of the plants.

System of rectangular columns

Designed at the request of a Municipality for the project to flower its streets. The green columns permit a better flowering turnover.


The tubular structure in aluminium is easy to install, and the base can be adjusted thus enabling the ground to provide better support to the column, while the specific anchorages to the ground eliminate any risk of disequilibrium of the green column. The modules are then placed on top of the structure and a coating or ‘clothing’ then allows the sprinkler system to be disguised.


The affixation method of the modules onto the structure permits a flowering turnover and thus various types of flowering according to the season or theme.